Cleo Paskal

Trudeau Fellow

Geostrategic analyst Cleo Paskal is an associate fellow at Chatham House (the Royal Institute of International Affairs, London, UK), as well as adjunct faculty in the Department of Geopolitics, Manipal University, India. 

Cleo Paskal is a Visiting Trudeau Fellow at CÉRIUM.

She has taught at the US Army War College, the Royal College of Defence Studies (UK), the National Defence College (India), and the National Defence College (Oman). She has also briefed myriad governments, including in Canada, the US, the UK, the EU, India, and Scotland, as well as the heads of major corporations and security professionals from over 30 countries. Paskal's Trudeau project, based at the Université de Montréal's CÉRIUM, looks at geopolitical, geoeconomic, and geophysical changes in the Indo-Pacific and what they could mean for developing an integrated Canadian 'Look West' policy. Paskal's extensive academic publications include research papers for Chatham House, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, and the United Kingdom's Commission on National Security in the 21st Century. She has authored chapters in textbooks by Elgar and Routledge and articles in International Affairs, Journal of International Security Affairs, International Affairs Forum and China and Eurasia Forum Quarterly, among other venues.

Cleo has also been a columnist for the National Post and Toronto Star, a radio producer for the BBC, and the author of an Emmy-winning documentary television series. She has contributed to a wide range of media outlets, including The World Today, Sunday Times, Huffington Post, and The Telegraph. Her book Global Warring: How Environmental, Economic, and Political Crises Will Redraw the World Map (Macmillan, 2010) won multiple awards. Her book is the bestselling Spielball Erde (Random House, 2012), co-authored with German TV anchorman Claus Kleber. Cleo is one of the North American columnist of  The Sunday Guardian .

Areas of Expertise :

  • Geopolitics
  • Global rebalancing
  • India foreign policy
  • Australia/New Zealand/Oceania geopolitics
  • Environmental change (including climate change) and security
  • Food Security
  • Infrastructure and climate change

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