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Rioux, Sébastien

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  • Téléphone 514-343-6111 #0796 Pav. PAV.520 CH.COTE STE-CATHERINE \ bur. 404
Rioux, Sébastien


Sébastien Rioux is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography at Université de Montréal and Canada Research Chair in the Political Economy of Food and Wellbeing.

Champs d'expertise

Publications principales

•    Taylor, M. et S. Rioux (2017) Global Labour Studies, Polity.
•    Rioux, S. (à paraître) « Capitalist Food Production and the Rise of Legal Adulteration: Regulating Food Standards in Nineteenth Century Britain », Journal of Agrarian Change.
•    Rioux, S. (2018) « Rethinking food regime analysis: An essay on the temporal, spatial and scalar dimensions of the first food regime », Journal of Peasant Studies 45(4) : 715-738.
•    Rioux, S. (2017) « The Right to Starve: Hunger, Discipline and Labour Market Restructuring under Authoritarian Neoliberalism », in States of Discipline: Authoritarian Neoliberalism and the Contested Reproduction of Capitalist Order, C.B. Tansel (dir.), Rowman & Littlefield, pp. 87-106.
•    Rioux, S. (2015) « Mind the (theoretical) gap: On the Poverty of International Relations Theorising of Uneven and Combined Development », Global Society 29(4): 481-509