Scientific Committee

CÉRIUM’s Scientific Committee includes University of Montreal professors and research fellows – as institutional members – that are responsible for the Centre’s research units, a representative of the Faculty of Arts and Science, and the Centre’s director. The Scientific Committee also comprises an individual member and a student member, both elected by the Centre’s General Assembly, and a representative of CÉRIUM’s postdoctoral students, as well as a representative of the Master’s in International Studies program.

CÉRIUM Director

Frédéric Mérand, CÉRIUM Director

Unit Directors

Valérie Amiraux, Canada Research Chair in Religious Pluralism and Ethnicity

Pierre André, CEDRIE Director

Karine Bates, PRIAS Director

Robert Schwartzwald, Director of the Master’s in International Studies

Micheline Cambron, Francophonie Network

Dominique Caouette, CÉTASE Director

Pascale Dufour, CPDS Director

Benoît Dupont, ICCC and Cybercrime Laboratory Director

Frédéric Mérand, EUCE Director

Jean-François Gaudreault-Desbiens, CINAC Chairholder

Mamoudou Gazibo, GIERSA Deputy Coordinator

Jean-François Godbout, ODF Director

Pierre Hamel, GRIMS Director

France Houle, REDTAC Director

Jane Jenson, CCCG Chairholder

Laurence McFalls, GRIMH Director

Pierre Martin, CÉPÉA Director

Cynthia Milton, RÉAL Director

Jorge Pantaleon, CEMC Director

Barbara Thériault, CCGES Director

Jean-Philippe Thérien, CIPSS Director

Marie-Joëlle Zahar, ROP Director

Faculty of Arts and Science

Tania Saba, Vice-Dean of Graduate Studies and External Affairs

General Assembly Elected Representatives

André Blais, Research Fellow