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Vives, Luna Research Fellow International migrations

PAV.520 CH.COTE STE-CATHERINE - 331-1 Upload the vCard of Vives, Luna
Al-Dabbagh, Harith Research Fellow Comparative Private Law

Islamic Law
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - A-8486 514-343-6064 Upload the vCard of Al-Dabbagh, Harith
Amicelle, Anthony Research Fellow Money Laundering

PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-4105 514-343-6111 #3999 Upload the vCard of Amicelle, Anthony
Amiraux, Valerie Research Fellow Religious Pluralism

Religion and Politics
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-5077 514-343-7233 Upload the vCard of Amiraux, Valerie
Arel-Bundock, Vincent Research Fellow Comparative political economy

International political economy
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-4045 514-343--611 #47619 Upload the vCard of Arel-Bundock, Vincent
Aureano, Guillermo R Research Fellow Terrorism

Organized Crime
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-4057 514-343-6111 #40561 Upload the vCard of Aureano, Guillermo R
Bates, Karine Research Fellow Judicial Anthropology

PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-3040 514-343-6813 Upload the vCard of Bates, Karine
Beaudonnet, Laurie Research Fellow European Union

Public Opinion
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-3132 514-343-6111 #3701 Upload the vCard of Beaudonnet, Laurie
Benyekhlef, Karim Research Fellow Human Rights Law

PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - A-8452 514-343-7451 Upload the vCard of Benyekhlef, Karim
Bherer, Laurence Research Fellow Public Participation

Urban Policy
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-4028 514-343-6111 #0744 Upload the vCard of Bherer, Laurence
Boivin, Rémi Research Fellow Drug Trafficking

Organized Crime
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-4077 514-343-6111 #2473 Upload the vCard of Boivin, Rémi
Bouchard, Carl Research Fellow Pacifism

History of International Relations
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-6098 514-343-2271 Upload the vCard of Bouchard, Carl
Brodeur, Patrice Associate Professor Geo-politics of religions

Middle-Eastern Studies
PAV. MARG.YOUV. ET L. STEWART - PAV. MARG.YOUV. ET L. STEWART5026 Upload the vCard of Brodeur, Patrice
Caouette, Dominique Research Fellow Transnationalism

PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-4026 514-343-6111 #40899 Upload the vCard of Caouette, Dominique
Carley, Michael Jabara Research Fellow USSR/Russia

PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-6096 514-343-6111 #49026 Upload the vCard of Carley, Michael Jabara
Chung, Ryoa Research Fellow Ethics of International Relations

Political Philosophy
2910 EDOUARD-MONTPETIT - 318 514-343-6111 #36573 Upload the vCard of Chung, Ryoa
Côté-Boucher, Karine Research Fellow Borders

PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-4103 514-343-6111 #33110 Upload the vCard of Côté-Boucher, Karine
Coulon, Jocelyn Research Fellow Peace Operations

United Nations
PAVILLON 3744 JEAN-BRILLANT - 515-56 514-343-6111 #3322 Upload the vCard of Coulon, Jocelyn
Dassonneville, Ruth Research Fellow - Comportement électoral

- Participation politique
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-3124 514-343--611 #0931 Upload the vCard of Dassonneville, Ruth
De Koninck, Rodolphe Research Fellow Agriculture

PAVILLON 3744 JEAN-BRILLANT - 530-27 514-343-5749 Upload the vCard of De Koninck, Rodolphe
Dembinska, Magdalena Research Fellow Nationalism

Ethnic Conflict
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-4045 514-343-6111 #39949 Upload the vCard of Dembinska, Magdalena
Dieng, Moda Research Fellow PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-3124 514-343-6111 #0931 Upload the vCard of Dieng, Moda
Dietsch, Peter Research Fellow Economic Ethics

Philosophy of Economics
2910 EDOUARD-MONTPETIT - 316 514-343-6482 Upload the vCard of Dietsch, Peter
Dilhac, Marc-Antoine Research Fellow Public Ethics

Political Philosophy
Upload the vCard of Dilhac, Marc-Antoine
Dimitrova, Diana Research Fellow - Hindouisme, bouddhisme, sikhisme

- Théâtre et cinéma hindis (films de Bollywood)
PAV. MARG.YOUV. ET L. STEWART - 4012 514-343--779 Upload the vCard of Dimitrova, Diana
Ducatenzeiler, Graciela Research Fellow Emerging Powers

Democratic Transitions
Upload the vCard of Ducatenzeiler, Graciela
Dufour, Pascale Research Fellow Social Movements

Political Representation
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-4073 514-343-6111 #41939 Upload the vCard of Dufour, Pascale
Dupont, Benoit Research Fellow Global Governance

PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-4088 514-343-6111 #2586 Upload the vCard of Dupont, Benoit
Faucher, Philippe Research Fellow Emerging Powers

Public Policy
Upload the vCard of Faucher, Philippe
Fauveaud, Gabriel Research Fellow Urbanism

Urban geography
PAV.520 CH.COTE STE-CATHERINE - Bureau 404 514-343--611 #10021 Upload the vCard of Fauveaud, Gabriel
Fortmann, Michel Research Fellow War

Nuclear Strategy
Upload the vCard of Fortmann, Michel
Fridman, Viviana Research Fellow Argentine

Amérique latine
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C5052 514-343-6111 #5573 Upload the vCard of Fridman, Viviana
Froger, Marion Research Fellow Film

PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-2128 514-343-6111 #1646 Upload the vCard of Froger, Marion
Gagné, Jean-François Research Fellow Elections

PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-4052-3 514-343-6111 #1217 Upload the vCard of Gagné, Jean-François
Gazibo, Mamoudou Research Fellow Democratization

Emerging Powers
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-4076 514-343-6111 #54438 Upload the vCard of Gazibo, Mamoudou
Godbout, Jean-François Research Fellow Comparative Politics

PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-4027 514-343-6111 #54798 Upload the vCard of Godbout, Jean-François
Grondin, David Research Fellow Communication internationale, études médiatiques et mondialisation

Mobilités, infrastructures, médias-technologies
PAVILLON MARIE-VICTORIN - bureau B-432 514-343-6111 #55511 Upload the vCard of Grondin, David
Hamel, Pierre Research Fellow Cities

Human Development
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-5112 514-343-6423 Upload the vCard of Hamel, Pierre
Hamzah, Dyala Research Fellow Ottoman History

PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-6109 514-343-6111 #42720 Upload the vCard of Hamzah, Dyala
Huberman, Michael Research Fellow International Economic History

PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-6105 514-343-6111 #41439 Upload the vCard of Huberman, Michael
Jenson, Jane Research Fellow Social Policies

PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-4031 514-343-6111 #54439 Upload the vCard of Jenson, Jane
Joanis, Marcelin Research Fellow Political Economy

ECOLE POLYTECHNIQUE - A-306.11 514-340-4711 #3356 Upload the vCard of Joanis, Marcelin
Jolivet, Violaine Research Fellow Métropoles

Upload the vCard of Jolivet, Violaine
Kosicki, Piotr Research Fellow PAVILLON 3744 JEAN-BRILLANT - 530-31 Upload the vCard of Kosicki, Piotr
Lachapelle, Erick Research Fellow Comparative Public Policy

PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-4029 514-343-6111 #29535 Upload the vCard of Lachapelle, Erick
Lefebvre, Solange Research Fellow Secularity

PAV. MARG.YOUV. ET L. STEWART - 5080 514-343-5717 Upload the vCard of Lefebvre, Solange
Martin, Pierre Research Fellow United States

Global Economy
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-4042 514-343-2027 Upload the vCard of Martin, Pierre
Martin, Patricia Research Fellow Latin America

PAV.520 CH.COTE STE-CATHERINE - 329-3 514-343-8057 Upload the vCard of Martin, Patricia
McFalls, Laurence Research Fellow Peace Operations

Social Theory
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C4075 514-343-6111 #54794 Upload the vCard of McFalls, Laurence
McLauchlin, Théodore Research Fellow Civil Wars

International Security
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-4033 514-343-6111 #47668 Upload the vCard of McLauchlin, Théodore
Mérand, Frédéric CÉRIUM’s Director Europe

Global Governance
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - 581-17 514-343-7176 Upload the vCard of Mérand, Frédéric
Meren, David Research Fellow Foreign Policy of Quebec and Canada

PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-6117 514-343-6111 #34873 Upload the vCard of Meren, David
Milton, Cynthia Research Fellow Latin America

Truth Commissions
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-6114 514-343-7352 Upload the vCard of Milton, Cynthia
Monnais, Laurence Research Fellow History of Medicine

Anthropology of Health
PAVILLON 3744 JEAN-BRILLANT - 420-24 514-343-6544 Upload the vCard of Monnais, Laurence
Montambeault, Françoise Research Fellow Democratization

Human Development
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-3118 514-343-6111 #2645 Upload the vCard of Montambeault, Françoise
Montpetit, Éric Research Fellow Risks

Administration and Public Policy
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-4012 514-343-6111 #54797 Upload the vCard of Montpetit, Éric
Morselli, Carlo Research Fellow Criminal Networks

Organized Crime
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-4114 514-343-5676 Upload the vCard of Morselli, Carlo
Nobert, Sébastien Research Fellow Risk and disasters studies;

Climate change;
PAV.520 CH.COTE STE-CATHERINE - 329-2 514-343-6111 #37172 Upload the vCard of Nobert, Sébastien
Pantaleon, Jorge Research Fellow Migrations

PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C3022-1 514-343-5999 Upload the vCard of Pantaleon, Jorge
Papillon, Martin Research Fellow Indigenous peoples

514-343-6111 #41938 Upload the vCard of Papillon, Martin
Rabkin, Yakov Research Fellow USSR/Russia

PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-6120 514-343-7218 Upload the vCard of Rabkin, Yakov
Rahman, Najat Research Fellow Arab World

PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-8112 514-343-6111 #0840 Upload the vCard of Rahman, Najat
Rioux, Sébastien Research Fellow Géographie de l’alimentation

économie politique
PAV.520 CH.COTE STE-CATHERINE - 404 514-343--611 #0796 Upload the vCard of Rioux, Sébastien
Rioux, Sébastien Research Fellow Geography of food

Political economy
PAV.520 CH.COTE STE-CATHERINE - 404 514-343-6111 #0796 Upload the vCard of Rioux, Sébastien
Ross, George Research Fellow Europe

United States
PAVILLON 3744 JEAN-BRILLANT - 515-53 514-343-6111 #17287 Upload the vCard of Ross, George
Rothmayr Allison, Christine Research Fellow Comparative Public Policy

Judiciary Powers
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-4012 514-343-6111 #20321 Upload the vCard of Rothmayr Allison, Christine
Saba, Tania Research Fellow Management of Human Resources

International Mobility
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-9090 514-343-7391 Upload the vCard of Saba, Tania
Saul, Samir Research Fellow France

Arab World
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-6115 514-343-6111 #27128 Upload the vCard of Saul, Samir
Saulnier, Alain Research Fellow International Journalism

PAVILLON MARIE-VICTORIN - B-404 514-343-6111 #0806 Upload the vCard of Saulnier, Alain
Sauvé, Guillaume Research Fellow Politics of Russia and the post-Soviet states

Political theory
Upload the vCard of Sauvé, Guillaume
Schwartzwald, Robert Research Fellow Nationalism

PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-8128 514-343-2279 Upload the vCard of Schwartzwald, Robert
Seymour, Lee Joseph Marshall Research Fellow . Violence politique

. Guerres civiles
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - bur. C-3118 514-343-6111 #3909 Upload the vCard of Seymour, Lee Joseph Marshall
Sinclair-Desgagné, Bernard Research Fellow Global Economy

Corporate Governance
ECOLE HAUTES ETUDES COMMERCIAL - 3.207 514-343-6141 Upload the vCard of Sinclair-Desgagné, Bernard
St-Martin, Denis Research Fellow Corruption

Expert Policy
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-4022 514-343-6111 #20322 Upload the vCard of St-Martin, Denis
Stanton-Jean, Michèle Research Fellow Élaboration des politiques publiques

Construction de normes internationales via des instruments contraignants ou non (droit vert)
514-343-5948 #5948 Upload the vCard of Stanton-Jean, Michèle
Tanner, Samuel Research Fellow Peace and Security

New Technologies
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-4100 514-343-6111 #40567 Upload the vCard of Tanner, Samuel
Thériault, Barbara Research Fellow Germany

Sociological Theory
PAVILLON 3744 JEAN-BRILLANT - 525-14 514-343-6111 #4875 Upload the vCard of Thériault, Barbara
Thérien, Jean-Philippe Research Fellow North South Relations

International Organizations
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-4036 514-343-6111 #20323 Upload the vCard of Thérien, Jean-Philippe
Thibault, Simon Research Fellow Media and conflicts

Media reforms and post-conflict reconstruction
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-4035 514-343-6111 #47610 Upload the vCard of Thibault, Simon
Vallières, Alain Research Fellow Droit international public

Droit international de la personne
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. Upload the vCard of Vallières, Alain
Van Assche, Ari Research Fellow Global Economy

ECOLE HAUTES ETUDES COMMERCIAL - 3.204a 514-343-6043 Upload the vCard of Van Assche, Ari
van Rahden, Till Chercheur Democracy

Upload the vCard of van Rahden, Till
Warin, Thierry Research Fellow Global Economy

European Union
ECOLE HAUTES ETUDES COMMERCIAL - 3.230 514-343-6185 Upload the vCard of Warin, Thierry
White, Bob Research Fellow Intercultural relations

Intercultural cities
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C3080-1 514-343-7329 Upload the vCard of White, Bob
Zahar, Marie-Joelle Research Fellow Peace and Security

Ethnic Conflict
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-4038 514-343-6111 #20325 Upload the vCard of Zahar, Marie-Joelle