Abdullah, Jamal

Visiting Scholar at CÉRIUM

Dr. Jamal Abdullah is an Academic and Senior Researcher specialized in the Gulf issues, more specifically in the foreign policies of the Arab Gulf States. He served as an Academic Visitor at Saint Antony’s College at the university of Oxford in the UK (2016-2018); a Senior Researcher at TRT WORLD Research Centre in Turkey (2017-2018); a Researcher at the Al Jazeera Centre for Studies in Qatar (2011-2016) and a Visiting Professor at the UIN Jakarta in Indonesia (2018-2019). Dr. Abdullah is also a visiting lecturer at different international institutions. He holds a PhD in International Relations Law from the university of Avignon in France and a Master’s degree in International Relations and Diplomacy from the university of Lyon III in France.

Some publications 

·         Qatar’s Foreign Policy 1995-2013: Leverages and Strategies (230 pages), edited by Al Jazeere Centre for Studies (Doha-Qatar) and the Arab Science Publishers (Beirut- Lebanon), published in May 2014.

·         Abdullah, J (October, 2015), Qatari Foreign Policy: Reorientation or Adjustment to the Rhythm? in « Mapping GCC Foreign Policy », Middle East Centre at London School of Economics and Politics (LES), P.20-28,

·         Abdullah, J (October 2015), The Sponsorship System in Qatar: Challenges and Implications, in « Gulf Affairs Review », OXGAPS (Oxford Gulf & Arabian Peninsula Studies Forum), Middle East Centre, Saint Antony's College, University of Oxford, UK, P.46-47

·         Research centres and the challenges of formulating state security and foreign policies in emerging states : the case of Qatar, chapter in « Think Tanks and the Foreign Policy Challenges Facing the Emerging Powers» (456 pages), edited by James McGann and published by Palgrave Macmillan, Spring 2019, P. 383-398.

·         Abdullah, J (November 2015), Which Approach for Solving Regional Crisis, in Rome Mediterranean Dialogue, ISPI (Italien Institute for International Political Studies), P. 7-8.

·         Co-editor, The Gulf in a changing strategic context (309 pages), edited by Al Jazeere Centre for Studies (Doha-Qatar) and the Arab Science Publishers (Beirut- Lebanon), published in January 2015.

·         Abdullah, J (February 2018), The Gulf crisis and the geopolitical tension in the Gulf region, (12 pages), a report published by TRT World Research Centre (Istanbul, Turkey).

Research interests


  • Foreign policies of the Gulf states;
  • Arab World geopolitics;
  • International relations law;
  • Regional et international organizations.