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Chicha, Marie-Thérèse

Research Fellow


Chicha, Marie-Thérèse


Marie-Thérèse Chicha (Ph.D. Economics-McGill University) is a full professor at the School of Industrial Relations and holder of the Chair in Ethnic Relations at the University of Montreal. Because of her commitment to the fight against discrimination and for the equality of women and racialized minorities, in 2015 she received the Governor General's Award of Canada in commemoration of "the person case". In November 2019, she received the ACFAS Pierre-Dansereau Prize for Social Commitment and in February 2020, the Thérèse-Casgrain Equality Prize, Homage category, from the Government of Quebec. MT Chicha has written several articles and books on the following themes: systemic discrimination in employment, policies on access to equality and pay equity, deskilling of immigrants, immigration and employment integration policies of immigrants, diversity management. In 2015, under the aegis of CÉRIUM, she founded the Summer School on Immigration, Integration and Diversity in the Labor Market, a school that has been held annually since that date and brings together around sixty participants.

In 1995, Marie-Thérèse Chicha chaired the committee of experts mandated by the Government of Quebec to prepare the Quebec Pay Equity Act; between 2001 and 2004, she was a member of the Federal Task Force which laid the foundations for the federal pay equity law adopted in 2018. From 2004 to 2015, she acted as an equality expert with the 'International Labor Organization. The Guide to Gender Neutral Job Appraisals that she drafted during her tenure has been translated into 11 languages ​​by the ILO and is used for training social partners in a large number of member countries. She has been invited as an equality expert by various governments: Germany, France, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Morocco, United Kingdom, United States as well as Portugal and Ukraine within the framework of the EQUAL program of the 'European Union.

Areas of expertise


Chicha, M-T. 2020. Les programmes d’accès à l’égalité au Québec : du rétrécissement au détournement de l’objectif d’égalité ? dans Dir. De pub. Jalette, P. Les relations industrielles en question. Presses de l’Université de Montréal. 147-162.

Chicha, M-T. 2020. La discrimination systémique : phénomène complexe et persistant. dans Dir. de pub. Le Moing, A, Le Bihan, C, Ouaked, S.  Les défis de la diversité dans le monde du travail au XXIème siècle : politiques, pratiques et représentations en Europe et dans les Amériques. Collection Travail et sociétés. Éditions Peter Lang .311-317

Chicha, M-T 2012. Discrimination systémique et intersectionnalité : la déqualification des immigrantes à Montréal. Revue La femme et le droit / Canadian Journal of Women and the Law. Vol. 24. 82-113.

Chicha, M-T. 2010. L’équité salariale. Mise en œuvre et enjeux. Éditions Yvon Blais. 3e édition. 404 pages.

Chicha, M-T et Charest É. 2008. L’intégration des immigrés sur le marché du travail à Montréal : politiques et enjeux. Institut de recherches en politiques publiques. Montréal. 70 pages.


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