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Dassonneville, Ruth

Research Fellow


  • Telephone 514-343--611 #0931 Pav. PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. \ Ext. C-3124
Dassonneville, Ruth


Ruth Dassonneville is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science at Université  de Montréal.  Ruth also holds the Canada Research Chair in Electoral Democracy. She is primarily concerned with public opinion and voting behaviour and focuses on studying the causes and consequences of dealignment. Her research interests include electoral participation, compulsory voting, economic voting and election forecasting.

Areas of expertise


- Dassonneville, R., Hooghe, M. & Miller, P. (2017). Compulsory Voting, Inequality, and Quality of the Vote: The Impact of Compulsory Voting on Accountability and Proximity Voting. West European Politics, 40(3), 621-644.
- Dassonneville, R. & Lewis-Beck, M.S. (2017). Rules, Institutions and the Economic Vote:
Clarifying Clarity of Responsibility. West European Politics, 40(3), 503-515.
- Hooghe, M. & Dassonneville, R. (2016). A Spiral of Distrust. A Panel Study on the Relation between Political Distrust and Protest Voting in Belgium. Government & Opposition, in press. DOI:
- Dassonneville, R. & Dejaeghere, Y. (2014). Bridging the Ideological Space. A Cross-National Analysis of the Distance of Party Switching. European Journal of Political Research, 53(3), 580-599.
- Dassonneville, R. (2013). Questioning Generational Replacement. An Age, Period and Cohort Analysis of Electoral Volatility in the Netherlands, 1971-2010. Electoral Studies, 32(1), 37-47.


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