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Druetz, Thomas

Research Fellow


Druetz, Thomas


Thomas Druetz (PhD, University of Montréal) conducts research on maternal and child health in sub-Saharan Africa and Haiti, with a focus on malaria. He is mainly interested in evaluating the impacts of policies and interventions, as well as in exploring the socio-political determinants of health (health governance, effects of conflicts on population health). As a member of the Centre de Recherche en Santé Publique, he uses mixed methods to promote global health research. 

Areas of expertise


Druetz T, Browne L, Bicaba F, Mitchell M, Bicaba A (2020). The effects of terrorist attacks on access to maternal healthcare services in Burkina Faso: A national longitudinal study. BMJ Global Health 2020;5:e002879. (
Bicaba F, Browne L, Kadio K, Bila A, Bicaba A, Druetz T (2020). National user fee abolition and health insurance scheme in Burkina Faso: How can they be integrated on the road to universal health coverage without increasing health inequities?. Journal of Global Health. 10(1): 1‐4. ( 
Druetz T (2018). The Double Challenge of Integrated Primary Health Care in Low‐ and Middle‐Income Countries. BMC Medical Ethics. 19 S1(48): 89‐96. ( 
Druetz T, Ridde V, Haddad S (2014). The divergence between community case management of malaria and renewed calls for primary healthcare. Critical Public Health. 25(2): 165‐177. ( 
Druetz T, Zongo S, Ridde V (2015). Le retour de la conception biomédicale du paludisme dans les institutions


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