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Furstenberg, François

Research Fellow


  • Pav. PAVILLON 3744 JEAN-BRILLANT \ Ext. 581
Furstenberg, François


François Furstenberg has taught in the history department at Johns Hopkins University since 2014. He previously taught at the Université de Montréal from 2003-2013. He is the author of two books and various articles focusing on the eighteenth- and nineteenth-century United States and the Atlantic World. In addition to his scholarly research in early American nationalism and French America, his interests range from early American political culture, US historiography, digital history, slavery and race in the United States, as well as contemporary US politics and the state of the US academy. 

Areas of expertise


- “New States as a Factor in the American Presidency,” in Ben Lowe, ed., Politics, Culture and the Emergence of the Early American Presidency (Gainesville: University Press of Florida, forthcoming 2021).

- The Quebec Act: Transnational Contexts, Meanings, and Legacies, co-edited with Ollivier Hubert (Kingston: McGill/ Queen’s University Press, 2020).

- The American Promise: A History of the United States, 8th edition, co-authored with James Roark, Michael P. Johnson, Sarah Stage, and Sarah Igo. Bedford/ St. Martin’s Press, 2020).

- When the United States Spoke French: Five Refugees who Shaped a Nation (New York: Penguin Press, 2014).

- “The Significance of the Trans-Appalachian Frontier in Atlantic History, c. 1754-1815,” The American Historical Review, 113:2 (June, 2008), 647-677.


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