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Gazibo, Mamoudou

Research Fellow

  • Department of political science, University of Montreal


  • Telephone 514-343-6111 #54438 Pav. PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. \ Ext. C-4076
Gazibo, Mamoudou


Mamadou Gazibo has published numerous books and articles on comparative politics, the processes of democratization in Africa, the relations between China and Africa and the challenges awaiting Africa with the intensification of relations with emerging Powers. He has been involved, for at less a decade, as an expert in the efforts of democratization and development led in Africa by international organizations such as the United Nations, the African Union and the International Organization of the Francophonie. From 2010 till 2011, within the framework of the transition which allowed the return of Niger as a democratic regime, he chaired the committee of the fundamental texts charged to draft the first version of the project of the constitution, as well as seven other texts among which the electoral code and the charter of the political parties. During the same period, he occupied the post of special councillor on institutional questions for the Prime Minister of Niger. He was named Major Officer in the national order of Niger.

Areas of expertise


  • Daniel C. Bach & Mamoudou Gazibo (dir.), Neopatrimonialism Africa and Beyond, London, Routledge, 2012, 260 pages.

  • Mamoudou Gazibo & Olga Alexeeva, The African Community in China in the Age of the Renewed China-Africa Cooperation, Institute of African Development Occasional Paper Series n0 16, Cornell University, 2012, 45 p.

  • Mamoudou Gazibo & Roromme Chantal, Un nouvel ordre mondial made in China ? Montréal, Presses de l'Université de Montréal, 2011, 171 pages.

  • Mamoudou Gazibo, Introduction à la politique africaine, 2ème édition, Montréal, Presses de l'Université de Montréal, 2010, 292 pages.

  • Mamoudou Gazibo & Jane Jenson, La politique comparée : fondements, enjeux et approches théoriques, Montréal, Presses de l'Université de Montréal, 2004, 320 pages.


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