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Joanis, Marcelin

Research Fellow


  • Telephone 514-340-4711 #3356 Pav. ECOLE POLYTECHNIQUE \ Ext. A-306.11


Joanis, Marcelin


Marcelin Joanis (Ph.D. University of Toronto, economic science) is an expert in political economy and public policy. His research centers on public infrastructures, fiscal federalism, the impact of partisane politics on fiscal policies, and public debt. His work is published in peer reveiws like Journal of Development Economics, Public Choice, Economics and Politics, Applied Economics and Analyse de politiques. Since 2009, he's co-director of the annual Le Québec économique (Presses de l’Université Laval).

Areas of expertise


  • Marcelin Joanis (2014). "Shared Accountability and Partial Decentralization in Local Public Good Provision", Journal of Development Economics 107, pp. 28-37.

  • Dorothée Boccanfuso, Marcelin Joanis, Patrick Richard & Luc Savard (2014). "A Comparative Analysis of Funding Schemes for Public Infrastructure Spending in Quebec", Applied Economics 46(22), pp. 2653-2664.

  • Marcelin Joanis (2014). “Comparer l’endettement public dans les provinces canadiennes et les États américains : une analyse de sensibilité”, Canadian Public Policy / Analyse de politiques 40(2), pp. 143-155.

  • Marcelin Joanis (2013). "Sharing the Blame? Local Electoral Accountability and Centralized School Finance in California", Economics and Politics 25(3), pp. 335–359.

  • Marcelin Joanis (2011). "The Road to Power: Partisan Loyalty and the Centralized Provision of Local Infrastructure", Public Choice 146, pp. 117-143.

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