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Van Assche, Ari

Research Fellow

  • Associate professor at the Teaching Service of International Affairs, HEC, Montreal


  • Telephone 514-343-6043 Pav. ECOLE HAUTES ETUDES COMMERCIAL \ Ext. 3.204a


Ari Van Assche’s (PhD, Hawai) research centers mainly on international trade. He notably studies the organization of global value chains and the role that China plays in these chains.

Areas of expertise


  • "Contracting Institutions and Ownership Structure in International Joint Ventures" (with Galina Schwartz), Journal of Development Economics 103, July 2013, pp. 124-132.

  • "Input Specificity and Global Sourcing" (with Galina Schwartz), Journal of the Japanese and International Economies 24(1), March 2010, pp. 69-85.

  • "Electronics Production Upgrading : Is China Exceptional ?" (with Byron Gangnes), Applied Economics Letters 17(5), March 2010, pp. 477-482.

  • "Global Production Networks and China's Processing Trade" (with Alyson Ma and Chang Hong), Journal of Asian Economics 20(6), November 2009, pp. 640-654.

  • "Modularity and the Organization of International Production," Japan and the World Economy 20, August 2008, pp. 353-368.


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