AECSEI Student Association

AECSEI in a nutshell

The International Studies Graduate Students Association (AECSEI) consists of more than 140 students of the International Studies masters, specialized diploma (DESS) and micro-program at the University of Montreal.

Our members come from a variety of academic, professional and cultural backgrounds. This diversity contributes greatly to the richness of our program. By encouraging person-to-person exchanges amongst students, AECSEI aims to maximize each member's potential experience within the International Studies community at UdeM.

AECSEI has prioritized the following goals :

  • To foster exchanges amongst students and with the professors
  • To assist students in navigating their academic track and curriculum
  • To prepare students for the transition from the university setting to the professional field
  • To promote the research of our members


AECSEI organizes various activities to fulfil its mandate:

- Professional sessions

We organize informal discussion sessions with professionals to learn about their experiences and to listen to their advice. Last session, we were fortunate to hold such sessions as:

  • Work in International Cooperation with Susanne Trachsel, of the Foreign Affairs Ministry (February 16th, 2015)
  • Networking in the Field of International Affairs with Pierrick Pugeaud, of Connexion Internationale Montréal (March 16th, 2015)
  • The Profession of Journalism with Agnès Gruda, journalist at La Presse (April 8th, 2015)
  • Pursuing a Career in an International Organization with Jean Fournet, Secretary General for Public Diplomacy at OTAN from 2001 to 2007 (March 31st, 2015)

→ Consult our Facebook page to be informed of upcoming professional sessions!

- Informal activities

Our social activities aim to foster relationships amongst students and with professors. Over the past year, our activities have included:

  • Dinners for the beginning and the end of the trimester (December 17th, 2014 ; April 28th, 2015)
  • Bowling-Brunch (January 18th, 2015)
  • Welcome Cocktail for new students (January 28th, 2015)
  • Wine and Cheese (March 26th, 2015)
  • Sugar Shack Trip (April 11th, 2015)
  • Welcome Pic-nic (September 3rd, 2015)
  • Weekly happy hours around town

-AECSEI Newsletter

We have a bimonthly newsletter informing our members about AECSEI activities and other UdeM events.

-New Association Lounge

AECSEI members can meet, chat and study in a warm and welcoming environment, found in the CÉRIUM compound, Room 515-5, 3744 Jean-Brilliant.

-Stay Posted!

We have many upcoming projects, including the inauguration of our new lounge, various events to start the fall trimester, and the organization of a student symposium. Keep yourself updated with our activities by consulting our Facebook page.

Executive Council

Elected on December 4, 2014, the AECSEI Executive Council includes 11 members:

Co-presidents - Laurie Durel and Alexandre Raffoul

Secretary - Yannice Therese

Treasurer - Scarlett Mitran

External Affairs Representative - Alexandra Parada

Academic Affairs Representative - Alia Hassan-Cournol

Student Life Representative - Eleanor Nash

Technical Support Representative - Andréanne Langlois-Côté

Honorary Member - Alexie Labelle

Honorary Member - Abel Cazenave

Honorary Member - Marie Tranchemontagne



Postal address:

Pavillon 3744 Jean-Brillant, local 515-5
3744, rue Jean-Brillant
Montréal (Québec)  H3T 1P1

To keep yourself updated about upcoming events, like our Facebook page.