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Climate Change: Transitions in the Political Economy

From June 22 to June 27, 2015

The fight against climate change causes profound changes within the political economy. Technological innovations are sweeping the energy sector while enormous capital flows are fueling the growth of a green economy. New public policies and emerging international norms impede on the use of coal and oil. Simultaneously, public opinion evolves and social movements opposing fossil fuel development are on the rise. Lobbies and public relations campaigns are being used to defend various business interests, while industrialised, emerging and developing States are negotiating a new international climate treaty for the Paris Conference in December 2015. However, on which grounds do these transformations lie? Where are they bringing us? Who will benefit from these transitions and who will pay the costs?

The purpose of this Summer School on climate change consists of providing key comprehensive frameworks to students, researchers and practitioners working in a changing political economy undergoing profound mutations.

Confirmed speakers: France Jacovella (Environment Canada), Karen Lockridge (Mercer Investments), Mark Purdon (CÉRIUM) et Annie Chaloux (Sherbrooke University), Stéphane Dion (Member of Parliament, LPC)



This course is intended for students and citizens that are interested in international issues, as well as members of NGOs, public servants, diplomats, journalists, and business executives.

The Summer School is organized in collaboration with the University of Montreal Faculty of Arts and Science, and can be credited at the master's level as PLUA-D (3 cr and 1,5 cr)

The Summer School is also open to third-year undergraduate students who have already completed at least 60 credits and who hold a GPA of at least 3.5/4.3. Enrollment is conditional on the approval of their undergraduate program advisor.


Monday 22 June

AM : Analyser les transformations dans l’économie politique

PM : Évolution des connaissances scientifiques sur les changements climatiques

Tuesday 23 June

AM : Négocier avec le climat

PM : Regards croisés sur la question des changements climatiques


Wednesday 24 June

AM : L’économie des changements climatiques : innovations et transformations des marchés énergétiques mondiaux

PM : Leave it in the ground? Quelle place pour les carburants fossils dans un monde sobre en carbone?


Thursday 25 June

AM : Mécanismes de marché de carbone

PM : Vers une économie verte


Friday 26 June

AM : Les instruments politiques

PM : Mouvements de l’opinion publique et leadership politique


Saturday 27 June

AM : Le pouvoir citoyen : transformations dans la gouvernance environnementale

PM : Table ronde de clôture


Preliminary syllabus



University of Montreal students can register for PLU6901A-D course by contacting their program’s student records clerk.

Students from other Quebec universities must complete the online application for registration form available on the BCI website (formerly the CREPUQ) in order to confirm their registration.

Canadian students from outside of Quebec, international students, and students without proof of citizenship must be enrolled in a recognized educational establishment since at least January 1, 2015, and are required to submit valid proof of enrollment (last official transcript or statement of account) by email to Alexie Labelle.

Other participants

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Coordinated by:

Erick Lachapelle
Science politique



Hugo Séguin