Risk Analysis and Geopolitics

From June 22 to June 27, 2015

This summer, the Montreal Center for International Studies invites you to participate in an emergent field: political risk analysis. Enterprises willing to engage on an international scale have for a long time conducted economic and financial risk analysis. However, enterprises and governments are increasingly aware of the significance of geopolitical trends and national political contexts in risk calculations.

Nevertheless, how can we measure the risk of political violence in Nigeria or the risk of dispossession in Mongolia? What about the environmental risk in Bolivia, the stability of the Burmese regime or the regulatory stability of the United States?

This course offers a series of conferences and case studies with experts in the field of risk analysis and will provide for analytical and methodological tools pertaining to this emerging field.

This course is intended for students and citizens that are interested in international issues, as well as members of NGOs, public servants, diplomats, journalists, and business executives.

The Summer School is organized in collaboration with the University of Montreal Faculty of Arts and Science, and can be credited at the master's level as PLUA-D (3 cr and 1,5 cr)

The Summer School is also open to third-year undergraduate students who have already completed at least 60 credits and who hold a GPA of at least 3.5/4.3. Enrollment is conditional on the approval of their undergraduate program advisor.


Monday June 22

AM: Analyse de risque politique: une discipline en émergence

PM: Introduction to Political Risk Analysis : Approaches and Challenges to an Evolving Discipline: Derek Baas (Export Development Canada) 

Tuesday June 23

AM: «L'analyse de risque politique dans le secteur de l’investissement» Thomas Didier

PM: Friedman vs. Friedman - The Importance of Worldview: Derek Baas

Wednesday June 24

AM: «La gouvernance du risque» Karim Benyekhlef Professeur, Faculté de droit, Université de Montréal

PM: «A closer look at Expropriation and Transfer Risks» Benjamin A.T. Graham, Professeur adjoint, School of International Relations, University of Southern California

Thursday June 25

AM: Alexander Kliment Director, Eurasia, Emerging Markets Strategy

PM: Hani Sabra Head of practice, Middle East and North Africa, Eurasia Group

Friday June 26

AM: Exercice d’analyse de risque : le cas du Kazakhstan

Présentateur invité : Hélène Thibault, chercheure postdoctorale, CÉRIUM

Commentateur : Thomas Didier

PM: Présentation et évaluation des devis de travaux de recherche Jean-Frédéric Légaré-Tremblay

Saturday June 27

AM: Analyse de risque du point de vue opérationnel pour un média d’information: Benoît Suire (Services français de Radio-Canada)

PM: Conclusion avec Jean-Frédéric Légaré-Tremblay





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Students from other Quebec universities must complete the online application for registration form available on the BCI website (formerly the CREPUQ) in order to confirm their registration.

Canadian students from outside of Quebec, international students, and students without proof of citizenship must be enrolled in a recognized educational establishment since at least January 1, 2015, and are required to submit valid proof of enrollment (last official transcript or statement of account) by email to Alexie Labelle.

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