Health Care in Danger

Violence against health care workers, health-care facilities and patients during armed conflicts and other emergencies is one of today’s major humanitarian issues, yet it is often underestimated. «The Health Care in Danger project», a Red Cross and Red Crescent initiative led by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), aims to improve safe access to and delivery of health-care on the ground. The project brought together National Societies and various external stakeholders to carry out a broad expert consultation process with the aim of better understanding the problems and identifying solutions to be implemented at the national level. It further decided to raise awareness of this important humanitarian issue through a robust communication strategy to be deployed for the full duration of the project.

At CÉRIUM, Lara Pocock, a Master student at the University of Montreal, will participate in this ICRC-led initiative, through a study of the partnerships developed for the HCiD project.  This research initiative will take the form of a network analysis, documenting and evaluating the HCiD partnership approach, as well as the partners satisfaction towards the tools developed by the ICRC for this project.

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Health Care in danger: the human cost