Network on Transnational Dynamics and Collective Action (REDTAC)

REDTAC seeks to pool diverse research agendas that share a preoccupation with the analytical impacts of transnational dynamics – labour, the condition of women, food-processing industries, religions, indigenous issues, international development, human rights, climate change, new information technologies, illicit activities, migration and diasporas, etc. The same can be said as to the Network’s interest in the effects of these dynamics on various forms of collective action – mobilization, networking, social forums, militant groups, community action, citizens’ assemblies, etc.

Today, “new” international relations are increasingly marked by issues that move beyond state and interstate frameworks, and that challenge classical definitions of sovereignty, national identity, and, to a certain extent, ideas of national citizenship and political representation. One of the REDTAC’s chief objectives is to form a better understanding of how these transnational dynamics – some new, others older – contribute to the establishment of norms and ideas that cross borders.

REDTAC is an affiliated unit to CÉRIUM.


Dominique Caouette (2007-...)

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