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Dissertation Writing Scholarships

2023-2024 Dissertation Writing CÉRIUM Scholarships for PhD Students

CÉRIUM offers 10 scholarships to PhD candidates in international studies who wish to work on their dissertation or a scientific article during a full semester (Fall 2023 or Winter 2024) at the University of Montreal. Selected PhD fellows will receive $ 5,000 and have access to a computer workstation at CÉRIUM. They are expected to participate actively in the Centre's activities. At the end of the stay, each PhD fellow will present their work to the CÉRIUM community.


Conditions and responsibilities of the scholarship holder:

  • Under the supervision of a CÉRIUM researcher, each scholarship holder will interact with them on a regular basis.
  • The scholarship holder will participate diligently in the activities of CÉRIUM and in the activities organized by the tutor.
  • The scholarship holder will participate in 4 writing days for CÉRIUM doctoral students co-organized with the organization Thèsez-vous and which will take place in October-November 2023 for the fall cohort and in February-March for the second cohort. winter 2024.
  • At the end of their stay, each scholarship holder will present their work to the CÉRIUM community.


Call open to:

  • all doctoral candidates registered at the University of Montreal or elsewhere (Note: Scholarship holders who are not registered at the University of Montreal must apply for the status of training or research trainees. )
  • all disciplines related to international studies.
  • three (3) of the scholarships will be awarded to students working on themes related to the international politics of civil conflict. The scholarship recipients will thus join the Research Team on the International Politics of Civil Conflicts (EPICC).


The writing stay must begin no later than September 11 for fall 2023 and January 15 for winter 2024.

Deadline for applications: March 24, 2023.

Submission Instructions

Application deadline: March 24, 2023

The application file in a single PDF document must be sent to CÉRIUM no later than March 24, 2023 to the following address: With: XXXXXXX (potential tutor) in cc of your submission. To avoid any error, it is recommended that the file be sent from an institutional address.


The application file must include the following elements:

  • Research project (1000 words)
  • Work program (500 words), including a summary of the proposed text (article, thesis chapters)
  • CV (including mention of the level of French proficiency)
  • Letter or email from a CÉRIUM researcher previously contacted attesting to their availability to supervise the writing stay (see here).
  • Status at the Université de Montréal or elsewhere (in the latter case, scholarship holders will have the status of visiting research student)
  • Choice of stay: fall 2023 or winter 2024

Awarding process

The selection panel is composed of three CÉRIUM Scholars. The committee's decision will be communicated to candidates around April 15, 2023 The successful candidates will have to accept or refuse the award in writing within two weeks of the date of the Notice of Award. The stay at CÉRIUM must begin no later than September 11 (Fall 2023) or January 14 (Winter 2024).

Selection Criteria

The choice of scholarship holders depends on the excellence of the application files and the match between the writing project and CÉRIUM's fields of expertise. The choice of a regional area is open. As far as possible, the selection will reflect a balance between profiles and fields of interest. According to the standards in force, scholarship holders must commit to spending their writing stay on the premises of CÉRIUM. Preference will be given to students with a minimum command of French. Half of the scholarships (excluding ÉPICC) are reserved for UdeM students.

Enhance the CÉRIUM grant with a MITACS GLOBALINK research grant

For non-UdeM international students

An agreement signed at the beginning of 2019 between UdeM and Mitacs led to the establishment of the Globalink Research Grants program, which offers numerous grants to foreign students who want to carry out a research stay at UdeM. As part of the CÉRIUM writing scholarships, international students will be able to improve their scholarship.

  • Foreign students at UdeM: 150 scholarships of $6,000 CAD co-funded 50% by Mitacs, and 50% by an external source to carry out research stays of 12 to 24 weeks at UdeM