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Itinerant Exhibition of the Chilean Museum of Memory and Human Rights

Vernissage October 6th, 5 to 7

From October 1st to 22nd, 2015 : 1 -5 PM

The Museum of Memory and Human Rights is a dynamic and interactive space that rescues Chile’s recent history and recovers truth, which grows and reflects itself in a culture of respect for the dignity of individuals. This itinerant version of the Chilean Memory Museum and Human Rights offers Montreal-based visitors a taste of the larger exhibition and insight into recent Chilean history, as well as bridge this history with the 8,000 members of the Chilean community here in Québec.

This exhibition is part of a collaborative FQRSC‐funded Interdisciplinary Curatorial Research Initiative: Thinking through exhibition research and praxis: New methodologies for public cultural dialogue and engagement and the LatinArte Festival

Emplacement : Concordia University, CEREV Exhibition Lab: LB- 671.00