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Narrative of Indigenous Resistance

Narrative of Indigenous Resistance

Many reflections are developing on how to articulate the reciprocal relationships and the decolonization process in Quebec, Canada and elsewhere. The Summer School 2016 will examine how to design, to shape and live relationships to one another in Aboriginal creation process.
From literary and film works, political, media historical speeches and public speaking engagements, we analyze the forms take the relations of affinity and belonging (Community, national, linguistic, cultural, institutional).
In this course, we will have the opportunity to reflect on themes such as: the contemporary use of oral histories as the Great Law of Peace and condolence ceremony; the responsibility of the author and the public from representations (literature, cinema, media); relationships at work in the collective creation projects and other collaborative practices; ethical issues of respect, appreciation and commitment; the links between territory and stories; tensions between sovereignty and reconciliation.

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