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Workshop on the 20 years of Women, Peace & Security : towards "Full and Effective"? - THIS EVENT IS CANCELED


2020 marks the 20th anniversary of the passage of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325, which formed the foundation of the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) Agenda. The participation pillar of the WPS Agenda has been considered transformative, yet actions and results are lagging behind political commitments. Women still face exclusion from peace and political processes. Only 0.2% of bilateral aid to fragile and conflict-affected situations goes to women’s organizations, and women make up only 4.2% of military personnel in UN peacekeeping missions. Recent international and national commitments give room for optimism, with countries such as Canada announcing significant contributions to increase the meaningful participation of uniformed women in UN peace operations, and support women’s organizations. But challenges remain in the conceptual understanding of ‘full and effective’ participation and practical guidelines for its implementation.

This workshop will bring together researchers, practitioners, policymakers, activists, advocates and students to advance debates on the participation pillar and our understanding of the future of WPS. Participants will examine women’s roles as agents across the different stages of the peace process: from conflict prevention, to peacekeeping, peacebuilding, conflict resolution and reconstruction, as well as the challenges, critiques and opportunities ahead.

Speakers include:

  • Miriam Anderson, Ryerson University
  • Carol Cohn, Founder of the Consortium on Gender, Security and Human Rights
  • Sabrina Karim, Cornell University
  • Zoe Marks, Harvard University
  • Maria Martin de Almagro Iniesta, Université de Montreal
  • Alice Nderitu, Mdahalo Bridging Divides
  • Jacqui O'Neill, Global Affairs Canada
  • John Packer, University of Ottawa
  • Beth Woroniuk, Women Peace and Security Network-Canada
  • Marie-Joelle Zahar, Université de Montreal

Registration required

** The presentations will be in English.

Emplacement : Université McGill, 3650 McTavish, Thomson House