The Making of Global International Relations: The Origins and Evolution of IR at Its Centenary

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Cette conférence se déroule dans le cadre du colloque étudiant du CEPSI: Les acteurs des relations internationales: Légitimité, solidarité et contestation


“Global IR” challenges the discipline of International Relations to recognize its multiple and global foundations, and give due space to the ideas, voices, and practices of societies and actors that have been neglected or marginalized in the IR literature. This lecture is based on the new co-authored book by Amitav Acharya and Barry Buzan, The Making of Global International Relations: The Origins and Evolution of IR at Its Centenary (Cambridge, 2019). Designed to be part of IR’s centennial reflection, the book advances three objectives:

1. Deepening the existing questioning of the IR’s 1919 founding story and providing an alternative, layered, framing for the development of IR.

2. Linking the development of IR to the actual practice of international relations (ir) from the 19th century onwards, to show how closely IR has reflected the existing order through time.

3. Opening up the neglected story of thinking about IR that took place outside the West.

Biographie :

Amitav Acharya is the UNESCO Chair in Transnational Challenges and Governance and Distinguished Professor at the School of International Service, American University, Washington, DC. He is the first non-Western scholar to be elected (for 2014-15) as the President of the International Studies Association (ISA), the largest and most influential global network in international studies.


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Date de l'évènement : jeudi 14 mars 2019 16:00 - jeudi 14 février 2019 17:30

Emplacement : Université de Montréal, 3150 rue Jean-Brillant, Pav. Lionel-Groulx, Carrefour des arts et des sciences, C3061

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