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Academic Programs

CÉRIUM is a partner of 4 undergraduate and graduate level academic programs.

Master of Public and International Affairs (MAPI)

Aimed mainly at political science graduates, the Master in Public and International Affairs is a selective program that focuses on today’s working world. Seminars are led by a team of CÉRIUM research fellows (Laurence Bherer, Magdalena Dembinska, Éric Montpetit, Christine Rothmayr and Frédéric Mérand) and working professionals (notably CÉRIUM policy fellows John Parisella, Ben Rowswell and Pierre Gentile).
Completion of a professional internship is mandatory.

Three fields of study are offered:

  • Diplomacy and international affairs
  • Journalism and political communication
  • Public policy

Consult the program’s fact sheet (in French).

Master of International Studies (MEI)

Established by the Faculty of Arts and Science and the Faculty of Law, this multidisciplinary program focuses on the humanities, combining anthropology, law, geography, history, comparative literature, linguistics, translation, political science and sociology. Seminar leaders include CÉRIUM research fellows such as Robert Schwartzwald and Carl Bouchard.
Students may choose between writing a research thesis and completing an internship.

Four fields of study are offered:

  • Cooperation and development
  • Globalization and economics
  • Institutions and the Law
  • Societies, identities and culture

Consult the program’s fact sheet (in French).

Bachelor of International Studies (BEI)

Offered by the Department of Political Science, the BEI is a selective program with a broad international perspective. Several CÉRIUM research fellows are to be found among its faculty members, including Valérie Amiraux, David Meren, Jorge Pantaleon, Marie-Ève Rény and Marie-Joëlle Zahar. Most students choose to participate in an international exchange during their studies. A wide range of internships is also available to students.

Five fields of study are offered:

  • International development
  • Law
  • Economics-administration
  • History
  • Political science

Consult the program’s fact sheet (in French).

Certificate in International Cooperation and Solidarity (CCSI)

Offered by the Faculty of Continuing Education, this program provides short-term training that is recognized in the field of international cooperation and development. Teaching staff include seasoned practitioners as well as CÉRIUM research fellows such as Dominique Caouette and Jean-Philippe Thérien. The program can be followed on a part-time or full-time basis.

Consult the program’s fact sheet (in French).